Wild Forest is an online multiplayer real-time PvP strategy game, that combines Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn together.

about the game

What is
wild forest

The action phase is a fast-paced dynamic PvP battle with direct unit control, base-building, and resource management. The deck-building is the core meta and provides incredible variability in strategies for each player.

A balanced game loop creates a sustainable economy. The competitive skill-based nature of the game eliminates the Pay-to-Win issue.

about characters

A standard ranged unit which can do a lot of damage, but it has little health, so you should save it and not throw it into battle unreasonably. The archer unleashes its potential and effectiveness in conjunction with melee units.

about characters

A support unit is unable to attack, it can only treat allied units. Since there is no regeneration in the game, it is very useful in the rear to recover the wounded after a fight. It can be used in real combat, but due to low health and low speed of movement, it is very vulnerable.

about characters

An extremely long-range unit with high damage. It is in poor health, moving very slowly, and requires training before a shot. If it takes up a position, it can effectively defend the points, as well as attack the buildings and units of the rival from afar.

about characters

A strong melee unit with high health which is a big advantage in the game. Armed with a large sword, it does damage to several opponents in front of it. It also can effectively destroy groups of units.

about characters

A melee unit armed with a large hammer. Its attacks have a small amount of splash damage and slow enemies' movement speed by 30%. It is also good as a support for its ranged units, as it can delay the enemy's rapid advance.




Free-To-Play first
We leverage Free-to-Play games monetization model and onboarding experience and require no prior blockchain experience to start playing.
Expand Our Horizons
Start with the Free-to-Play browser game for testing and balancing, and then expand to Mobile and Console, leveraging our know-how
Team with a track record
Successful operation of the Free-to-Play game studio since 2013 making award-winning games across the most prominent platforms
Superb user experience
We strive to dramatically reduce blockchain interactions friction for the player, by providing simple solutions for complex things
Balanced 2-token model
Free-to-Play revenue model combined with multiple deflation mechanisms provides a sustainable game economy and consistent tokens demand
Deep gameplay and metagame
Skill-based nature of the game mixed with P2E and F2P concepts provide a substantial engagement, investment opportunities, and earning potential
Clear benefits for Guilds and Investors
Clear NFT utility, limited supply and sustainable economy loop are the drivers for constant valuation growth and immense demand for certain NFTs
Improved scholarship and rent experience
A simple and secure system to manage scholars and rent opens many opportunities for Guilds and streamlines passive income control
the best of

Bridging two
worlds together

  • In-game items ownership
  • Dual-token ecomony
  • Marketplace trading
  • Convenient scholarship
  • Fiat Gateway
  • NFT renting
  • Free-to-Play monetization
  • Coherent onboarding
  • Skill-based gameplay eliminating Pay-to-Win
  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Extended collecting card gameplay
  • Player leaderboards
our plans


Jul '22
  • Mobile F2P soft-launch
  • Balance & economy adjustments
  • Community building
  • Referral program
  • Incentivised testnet
  • Strategic partnerships
  • NFT sale
  • Smart-contracts audit
  • Marketplace
Oct '22
  • Web platform release
  • Token launch
  • Web3 layer
  • Metagame
  • Battle seasons
  • Scholarship support
  • Intense community development
Nov '22
  • Mobile platforms release
  • Balance adjustments
  • Clan activities
  • Special events
  • Content creators incentives
  • Streams and online events
  • Sponsored esport events
Dec '22
  • Console platforms release
  • Balance adjustments
  • New game modes
  • New units
  • New battle season
  • Paid ads