Wild Forest is a web3 real-time strategy game, featuring an open and healthy economy with fun and competitive gameplay. We aim to significantly improve the onboarding for non-blockchain players.

about the game

What is
wild forest

We aim to set higher standards for web3 gaming.

Wild Forest doesn't require an initial investment or blockchain background to start playing. We aim to improve the web3 onboarding experience and make it accessible for traditional players from PC, mobile and consoles.

Our economy is balanced by token utility, NFT-driven rewards and Free-to-Play monetization loops.



Skill-based nature simulates fun and fair gameplay. No bots and pay-to-win.
Balanced economy
Progression is the key token utility. Best practices from WEB2/3 gaming and open economy.
Free to play
No investment is required to start playing. Target PC, Mobile and Console Markets.
Intuitive and friendly user experience. Well-guided onboarding and clean communication.
the best of

Higher web3
gaming standards

Web3 Gaming Challenges
  • Complex UI and poor onboarding
  • Not fun to play, pay-to-win approach
  • Initial investments
  • Blockchain-focused overcomplicated system
  • Limited token utility, ponzinomics
Our solution
  • Guided onboarding and intuitive UX
  • Proven gameplay and skill-based fun game
  • No investments to start to play
  • No blockchain background needed
  • Controlled token emission and NFT-based economy
our plans


Q2 '22
  • MVP
  • Gameplay tests
  • Balance adjustments
  • Strategic partnership
  • Early community building
Sep '22
  • Economy model
  • Blockchin integration
  • Core loop
  • Metagame
  • Battle seasons
  • Marketplace
Dec '22
  • Incentivised testnet
  • Scholarship support
  • Intense community development
  • NFT sale
  • Smart-contracts audit
Q1 '23
  • Economy adjustments
  • Web platform release
  • Token launch
  • Special events
  • Content creators incentives
Q2 '23
  • Mobile platforms release
  • Balance adjustments
  • Paid ads
  • Clan activities
  • Streams and online events
  • Console platforms release
  • Sponsored esport events
  • New game modes, units, battle seasons