Play-to-Airdrop Season 1 is over!
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This is a free distribution of $WF tokens to all qualified players.

The Wild Forest Play-to-airdrop is an event where players compete for $WF token rewards! During the event, players complete tasks to earn Honor points. You can track your progress and find more details here:

To join, you need to install Wild Forest, log in to the game using your Sky Mavis account, and connect a Ronin wallet to your Sky Mavis account.

Absolutely! You can join at any time until it ends. We encourage you to participate! Download the game and start earning Honor!

The top 4000 players with the most Honor earned during the Play-to-airdrop event will be rewarded with $WF tokens. Additionally, all other players with 4000+ Honor will join an airdrop raffle and share 1000 extra spots. The rewards will be distributed in the form of off-chain $WF tokens at the game release. Off-chain $WF tokens can be spent in the game or converted 1-to-1 into on-chain $WF after the TGE. Please note: Beta $WF tokens are not related to either on-chain or off-chain $WF and will be converted separately before the game release.

Play-to-Airdrop Season 1 will last for a full battle season which is 4 weeks!

Yes, we plan for Play-to-Airdrop Season 2 after the game release!

Honor points are earned for completing Wild Forest Play-to-airdrop achievements or holding Wild Forest NFTs. The more Honor you accumulate, the higher your position on the Play-to-airdrop Scoreboard, and the more airdrop tokens you'll receive at the game release.

No, Beta units and assets won't give you Honor points. They will be converted separately closer to the game release.