This is a free distribution of $WF tokens to all qualified players of the Play-to-Airdrop campaign!

The Wild Forest Play-To-Airdrop is an event where players compete for $WF token rewards for 28 days! During the event, players complete quests to earn Honor points. You can track your progress and find more details here:

To join, you need to install Wild Forest, log in to the game using your Sky Mavis account, and connect a Ronin wallet to your Sky Mavis account (All links can be found on our website and Discord).

Honor points are earned for completing Wild Forest Play-to-Airdrop achievements and by staking or holding Wild Forest Lords and Skins. The more Honor you accumulate, the higher your position on the Play-to-airdrop Scoreboard, and the more Airdrop $WF tokens you'll receive in the end.

Absolutely! You can join at any time until it ends. We encourage you to participate! Download the game and start earning Honor Points!

Wild Forest is a free-to-play game. However, owning more mainnet units, skins and being a Lord holder will increase your chances of competing for a high grade. You can purchase these NFT collections on the Mavis Market.

We've reserved 2.5% of the total $WF tokens to reward the top 8000 players and an additional 2000 random eligible participants.

Your tokens will be distributed linearly based on your position on the Scoreboard. The higher you get, the more $WF tokens you’ll earn. Tokens will be delivered after the season as off-chain $WF, and you’ll be able to convert them to on-chain $WF on TGE.

For the full season - 28 days.

The allocation of this Pay-to-Airdrop Season 2 will be 2,5% of the total supply. This will be a total of 25 millions of $WF tokens to be distributed among eligible players.

We do not plan additional Play-to-Airdrops.

Join our Discord and reach out for help! Community members and moderators will be available to assist you.